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Meet Onbe, Your Payments Provider

Kicking off a new blog is always exciting, and I’m honored to author Onbe’s inaugural post in what promises to be a dynamic forum for thought leadership from experts across our organization. This moment is especially important to me because it’s a chance to take stock after the whirlwind of the past few months: building and launching a powerful new brand positioned to lead within the ever-transforming payments industry.

The convergence of marketing and payments is in my DNA. I got my start in payments in 1999 at Parago, and I still remember the first rebate check I signed by hand. Early in my career, I saw the opportunities open-loop payment cards could deliver, including custom branding, added convenience for the recipient, and insights that help brands learn about their customers. Payments have come a long way since then, with a growing focus on digital to thank for the innovations modern businesses have at their fingertips—like virtual payments that deliver funds into recipients’ hands in seconds.  

When I tell the story of Onbe, the word “serendipitous” comes to mind. Not to downplay all that goes into envisioning and launching a new brand, but there was something special in the air when the opportunity arose to merge two industry leaders, daVinci Payments and North Lane Technologies, and create a unified payments technology company. The right people connected at the right time. The perfect mix of products, expertise, and passion came together to become something bigger than the sum of those parts.

Onbe sees every payment as an opportunity to make an impression, capture data, and spark dialogue, connecting businesses and their constituents across the globe in meaningful ways.

I love what Onbe stands for: on behalf. We facilitate engaging payment experiences “on behalf” of our clients in growing markets around the world. These days, the focus in the payments industry is paying quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. Onbe checks all of those essential boxes. But for us, the payment experience is more than a way to get funds from point A to point B. We see every payment as an opportunity to make an impression, capture data, and spark dialogue, connecting businesses and their constituents across the globe in meaningful ways. And as payments increasingly become digital, global, and seamless, we believe there is outsized market share—over $7 trillion—to be captured by transforming digital payments into strategic differentiators.

Throughout my years in the industry, I’ve seen payments evolve—and led the teams that drove the evolution—into a powerful business driver. For example, when customers have the opportunity to register their new products at the same time as they claim a rebate, they appreciate the convenience and brands gain valuable insights. When gig and marketplace workers can seamlessly access their earnings in a few clicks, they’re more likely to stay motivated and loyal. And when a service provider across the world receives payment quickly, easily, and in the correct currency, trust grows along with opportunities for future collaboration. 

In short, payments may represent a relatively small part of your interactions with customers, workers, and partners, but they have an enormous influence on how recipients experience your brand. At Onbe, our focus is on helping our customers tap into that influence and build a payment strategy for today’s connected world. That’s the paradigm we’re pushing, and it’s what drives our thirst for innovation. 

Here at Onbe, we love what we do—continually finding new ways to co-create better payment services and solutions for our customers and their recipients—and we have a lot of fun doing it. In building this company, we merged two distinct cultures, bringing together two talented teams that each have something unique to offer. But what we’ve all shared from the beginning is our passion for designing payment experiences that deliver on our mission statement: “value beyond currency for all.” Our shared sense of purpose was already in place, and that’s why coming together as Onbe feels so meant to be. I’m thrilled to introduce this new brand to the world, and I invite you to watch this space for exciting things to come.