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Extend Your Global Reach

Expand your global reach and scale seamlessly through a single provider. With prepaid card issuance in multiple currencies plus FX conversions and transfers in 145+ currencies, we make it easy to deliver fast, personalized payment experiences to recipients anywhere in the world.

Seamlessly make and settle payments in local currency

Our flexible funding options make international payments more cost-effective and convenient. You or your customers can:
Make cross-border payments in real time
Issue local currency cards on demand  
Fund settlement balances with the local currencies to avoid fees and FX charges or with USD to streamline treasury management  
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145+ currencies

Make fast, seamless cross-border payments nearly anywhere in the world
5 popular international payment modalities, including local currency cards or funding directly to international accounts.
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Our extensive ecosystem of in-network banks simplifies and accelerates payment delivery while increasing status transparency.
Embedded validation proactively screens account data, dramatically reducing payment exceptions for first-time recipients.
Options for local currency settlement reduce FX overhead while streamlining card funding.
Around-the-clock, multilingual customer service and self-service portals ensure a seamless recipient experience wherever they are.

Onbe Future of Work Report

Flexible workers are a boon to businesses navigating a labor market in flux—but most contractors say they aren't paid frequently enough. Learn what freelancers, contractors and gig workers expect from the payment experience and how to attract and retain the talent that's shaping the future of work.

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