Protect your program with built-in fraud prevention


of organizations were victims of payment fraud attacks or attempts in 2022*

*Association for Financial Professionals (AFP)

Prevent fraud with a custom-tailored approach

OnbeGuard(SM) uses innovative tools, processes, and industry best practices to shield your programs from everyday attacks while providing a secure, frictionless experience for your recipients.

Progressive modeling

Our customized, model-based approach uses typical and irregular behavioral patterns to prevent fraud with industry-leading accuracy.

Proactive trend identification

Onbe detects emerging trends that indicate fraudulent transactions. We leverage our network of fraud prevention technology and the latest strategies to reduce the impact of fraud on your business.

Customizable red flags

Collaborate with Onbe to create new areas of monitoring that meet your evolving business needs.

Safeguard your recipients’ experience

OnbeGuard (SM) makes it simple to protect your recipients from the risk and inconvenience of fraud with:

Around-the-clock support

Provide 24/7/365 real-time protection and customer support by Onbe.

Smooth spending

Keep recipients’ funds safe while reducing false positives and eliminating friction.

Data protection

Build trust and credibility with financial protection controls to safeguard customer data.

How Onbe ensures every payment is secure & compliant


Mitigate fraud risks and enhance user authentication in real time with progressive analysis of over 2,000 unique behavioral data points.

3D Secure

Prevent unauthorized use and enhance payee safety with this additional security layer for debit and credit payments.


Reduce the risk and administrative burden of escheatment with Onbe’s proprietary solution. Onbe maintains 100% of the responsibility for unclaimed accounts and adheres to all state and federal requirements.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Ensure payee identity and assess risk to prevent fraudulent transactions and assure regulatory compliance.

Know Your Business (KYB)

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and prevent financial criminal activity with risk profiling to ensure the identity and legitimacy of businesses.

Case Study

Major Cruise Line Reduces Employee Friction By 73% While Preventing Fraud

The cruise line sought an enhanced fraud prevention method that would continue to protect crew members’ earnings from maritime phishing schemes while ensuring a seamless payment experience.

fewer fraud claims

While the client already had a robust fraud prevention program in place, using OnbeGuard(TM) introduced proactive intervention to further reduce fraud claims.

less friction

The cruise line improved employees’ account security while dramatically reducing escalations related to accessing online accounts.

Maritime solutions

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