Modern healthcare payment solutions for a seamless, secure payment experience

Paying everyone from donors, patients, and members to staff and clinical trial participants is simple and cost-effective with Onbe. Partner with us for compliant, labor-saving payment solutions with digital choices proven to boost recipient satisfaction.

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70% of consumers prefer receiving digital & electronic payments1

Simplify payments, reduce costs and improve the recipient experience with:

  • Popular payment options, including instant and digital choices
  • Built-in security and fraud protection for secure transactions
  • Streamlined compliance procedures that meet healthcare industry regulations
  • Full-service healthcare payments program administration and ongoing support

QUick Start Guide to modernizing healthcare payments

Most healthcare and life sciences organizations have a seamless process for payment acceptance. But have you considered the flip side: paying patients, staff, clinical trial participants or donors? Streamlining and simplifying your accounds payable operation can help your organization reduce costs and risk, drive efficiency, and improve the recipient experience. Jumpstart the process in five steps:


Consider Context

What's your scenario?

Digital payments are delivered by email and may be perfect for paying out rebates, incentives, or medical refunds. Physical options, such as plastic cards, are great for in-person payments, like donor compensation.


Think Faster

Two-thirds of consumers would be more likley to continue their relationship with businesses that provide faster payments.* With today's instant digital payment options, delivering funds in seconds is secure and cost effective.

*How Consumers Are Driving Demand for Real-Time Payments"
PYMNTS, December 20, 2021


Stretch your dollar

Checks can cost as much as $12 each

when counting expenses such as printing, postage, and administrative labor. With a modern payouts gateway, healthcare organizations can leverage digital and electronic payment options that reduce or eliminate operational costs.


Plan for diverse needs

Nearly 1 in 5 households is unbanked or underbanked*

Offering payment options that don't require a checking account, such as physical or virtual cards, is key to meeting recipients where they are.




Explore Onbe’s customizable, cost-effective payment solutions for healthcare and life sciences organizations.

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Reduce your administrative costs & burden with digital solutions

Research, Clinical & Donor Payments

Pay donors and research participants with instant issuance solutions designed to maximize consumer engagement with the recipient's choice of payment methods and convenient, secure access to funds.

Incentives, Rebates & Rewards

From drug and medical device rebates to vaccination, telehealth, and wellness program incentives, Onbe's solutions drive desired behaviors, maximize ROI and improve the consumer experience while reducing the burden of managing payments.

Staff Wages

Paying wages to temporary staff and contractors, from visiting nurses to day-labor staff, is fast and convenient with Onbe's healthcare payment solutions for medical practices and health systems.

Medical Billing Refunds & Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) Rebates

Offload fraud handling and escheat management while delivering in-demand payment options with Onbe's digital-first payment processing solutions for healthcare providers and payers.

Stay ahead of the digital payments curve

With modern healthcare payment solutions, organizations can more efficiently manage consumer, staff and patient payments, automate manual processes, and reduce risk while delivering innovative experiences.

of healthcare organizations are investing or planning to invest in digital systems for accounts payable*

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2024 Future of Payments Report

From paying by app to redeeming a virtual rebate, digital payments have become central to everyday life. Consumers now favor digital and electronic payment methods when both receiving and spending funds. They look for the security and convenience of embedded payments wherever they transact. And 76% say that when getting a payout or incentive, payment choice is key.