Meet Onbe's Leadership Team


Bala Janakiraman

Chief Executive Officer

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Bala has over two decades of leadership in the payments and financial services industries and has led the delivery of data-driven payment strategies for partners and companies of all sizes, including across the Fortune 500. He has a proven record as an agent of change and value creation, deep expertise in the payments world and a passion for innovation. At Onbe, his primary focus is helping the team realize its full potential by aligning strategy, talent, culture and investments.

Outside of work, Bala spends his time with family, developing his family’s charitable foundation, participating in community events advocating equality and protection for the vulnerable and using his good fortune to help the less fortunate.

Brent Coles

Chief Financial Officer

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Brent is a 20-year veteran of the payments and financial technology industries and has served as a senior financial executive at several fast-growing public and private companies. At Onbe, he’s dedicated to helping the company grow and evolve to meet our customers’ needs through innovative products and services.

When not at work, Brent loves spending time with his family. An avid cyclist and runner, he has sixteen marathons under his belt—including the Boston Marathon. Brent is also a skilled trumpeter and played professionally during college.

Tracy Monson

Chief Product Officer

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Tracy has 15 years of payments industry experience and throughout her career has focused on creating payment experiences that make life better for consumers and workforces. At Onbe, she leads a team responsible for the long-term vision that drives Onbe’s end-to-end disbursement solutions, continuously optimizing our ability to provide unparalleled value to our customers.

When not at work, Tracy is busy embracing the journey of parenting two young boys and believes motherhood gives her an important perspective as a leader. She also stays active by camping, hiking, gardening, and enjoying the local music scene. An avid supporter of libraries, Tracy is particularly passionate about the power of stories to bring people together.

Jennifer Garrison

Chief Administrative Officer

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Jen has nearly two decades of experience building and developing top-performing teams. She leads the people strategy at Onbe, guiding talent acquisition, employee development and diversity and inclusion initiatives. Because we spend most of our waking hours at our jobs, Jen is committed to making work more meaningful, engaging, and seamlessly part of each employee’s life and purpose.

Outside of work, you’ll find Jen spending time with her family, trying new restaurants, kickboxing, weightlifting, traveling and enjoying a good book. She loves cooking with organic and whole foods and is passionate about living a healthy, environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Kevin Brown

Chief Marketing Officer and
Head of Corporate Development

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Kevin has been innovating in the payments industry for nearly two decades, having worked across banking, fintech and lending in a variety of leadership roles. At Onbe, he’s all about connecting the dots—and finding that sweet spot where marketing, strategy and technology come together to deliver the fintech products of tomorrow.

Outside of work, you’ll find Kevin on the ski slopes of Vermont or on the  south shore of Long Island with his family, snapping pictures and making memories. Kevin believes that a great education provides endless opportunities, and in his spare time has contributed to education access as a mentor, board member and trustee for several causes.

Melissa Hentschel

Chief Client Officer

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Melissa has over 20 years of payments experience, and seven in senior leadership. At Onbe, she creates high-performing teams to deliver on operational and service excellence for our clients and payment recipients, striking the right balance between scalable, reliable processes that deliver, and being nimble and responsive to meet diverse business needs.

When she’s not at work, you can find Melissa outside enjoying any season’s activity, from skiing to cycling to kayaking. She is passionate about her family (husband, kids, chickens, dogs), gardening and environmental stewardship. She loves seeking out quaint coffee shops for the perfect cup of chai tea latte.

Ed Woodson

Chief Legal Officer

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Ed has led corporate legal and compliance departments for 20 years, including more than 16 in the payments industry. At Onbe, he’s focused on empowering clients through payment solutions that successfully navigate the complex global regulatory environment.

When Ed’s away from the office, you’ll likely finding him getting some exercise while listening to a history book or a topical podcast. He loves to hike; he loves his kids, and hopes that one day he can convince his kids to go hiking.

Suresh Kumar

Chief Technology Officer

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Suresh is an innovative technology executive with extensive experience leading large fintech organizations and driving overall technology strategy across a diverse portfolio of products. At Onbe, he leads the technology team to deliver cross-functional projects focused on cloud transformation, modernization, globalization, quality and automation.

When not at work, Suresh enjoys traveling with his family. Suresh is also passionate about making a difference, both by helping budding entrepreneurs get to the next level in their start-up journeys and by working with local groups to fundraise for education programs and resources that serve children in developing and underdeveloped countries.

Bill Heslin

VP, Client Success

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Bill has 22 years of experience in the payments industry, specifically in client services. At Onbe, he’s motivated by client satisfaction and works tirelessly to drive continual process improvement and efficiency. Mentoring team members to help them achieve their fullest potential is also deeply important to Bill.  

When he’s not at work, Bill enjoys Caribbean vacations, spending quality time with family and friends and playing hockey, which he coached for several years. He’s also an avid cook and can often be found in his backyard creating masterful pizzas in his outdoor pizza oven.
bridget hall headshot

Bridget Hall

Senior Director, Pricing & Product Operations

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Bridget has 15 years in the payments and financial industries, including the securities and banking sectors. At Onbe, she drives cross-functional collaboration with the product team to ensure that our products are effective for our customers as well as optimally priced, positioned and represented in our sales enablement and marketing efforts.  

Along with keeping up with her two active boys and cheering on the Nebraska Cornhuskers every fall, Bridget loves reading alternate universe books while enjoying a great cup of coffee. She’s also passionate about supporting women and children through her volunteering and fundraising efforts, including her family-hosted annual chili cook-off to benefit underprivileged families during the holidays and sitting on an advisory board at her alma mater to provide insight into fintech careers for women.

Damien Glista

VP, Relationship Management, Sales

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Damien has 16 years of payments industry experience. At Onbe, he leads the team of sales professionals that serve as the voice of our customers and spends his days helping businesses discover new ways to move the needle on payment innovation.  

A big believer in the “healthy body, healthy mind” connection, Damien enjoys staying active and works out as often as he can. Getting involved with his kids’ activities also keeps him busy—currently, he coaches his son’s soccer team. Brewing the perfect cup of coffee is a daily ritual he pours his heart into.

Greg Duardo

Vice President, Product Development

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Greg has 15 years of experience in the payments industry and has spent much of his career in the international payments space. At Onbe, he’s passionate about solving problems for clients and helping them to deliver faster, more secure payments in the most cost-efficient manner. He also works on solutions to optimize how Onbe integrates and works with our vast partner network.

When he’s not at work, Greg can be found enjoying the great outdoors with his family and cheering on his three kids at their sporting events. Along with coaching youth soccer, he volunteers with his local soccer club to share his love of sports with the next generation. As musical as he is athletic, Greg plays guitar and mandolin and has attended over 100 live concerts.
John McKenna headshot

John McKenna

Senior Director, Software Development

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With over 2 decades of experience in enterprise technology solutioning, John is responsible for leading the strategy and execution of scalable financial solutions that power millions of payments. He is proficient at building and enabling teams to grow, optimize and win by defining processes and fostering a collaborative engineering culture. John is passionate about simplifying the world through innovative, modern and pragmatic solutions to challenging and complex engineering problems.

John is a lifelong learner with a special interest in technology, history, language, and business. He enjoys traveling with his family and is always looking forward to the next fun adventure.
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Joseph Netto

Senior Director of Communications

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An experienced communications professional, Joseph has covered breaking news for CNN, managed global media relations, risk and regulatory communications at Deloitte and helped leading payment companies tell their stories. At Onbe, he’s focused on building an integrated communications program that creates impactful opportunities as we share our brand with the world.  
When not at work, Joseph and his wife love to cook, travel, read and spend time with their rescue beagle, Sampson. Joseph is also a member of the Greater Atlanta Rose Society and is passionate about making his community a better place through gardening. That includes helping friends and family avoid the use of pesticides while growing plants that attract insects and wildlife.
Kate Ferry headshot

Kate Ferry

Vice President, People

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As a people professional with more than 20 years of HR experience, Kate is committed to discovering new ways to enhance the employee experience at Onbe. She believes that every team member’s journey should be filled with meaningful moments and seeks to create a work environment where employees feel significance, connection and empowerment.  

In her spare time, Kate loves hiking with her family and dog, watching competitive baking shows with her two girls and curling up with a good crime novel. She gives back to her community by volunteering for a local animal rescue, Spay and Save, and by serving on the Community College of Philadelphia’s Business Leadership Program Advisory Committee.
laura wright headshot

Laura Wright

Senior Director, Client Financial Operations

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Laura counts almost two decades of payments industry experience in various roles, including FinOps, Strategic Process Improvement and Transformation. At Onbe, Laura focuses on creating efficiencies and automating processes that benefit both the company and clients in running successful businesses. She also mentors and challenges her team to think beyond their day-to-day job to grow both professionally and personally.

Laura lives on a 23-acre farm with cows and chickens, so she's always got something to keep her busy when she's not working. She also cherishes and prioritizes taking vacations with her extended family.

Leanne Kellam

Senior Dir., Customer Care and Fraud & Risk Management

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Leanne has 31 years of customer service leadership, with seven of those spent in the payments industry. At Onbe, she focuses on providing a best-in-class customer service experience for payment recipients, as well as preventing fraud and risk to ensure that customers’ funds are safe and secure.

In her spare time, Leanne enjoys traveling and visits her granddaughter in Minnesota whenever she gets the chance. Over the years, she’s served her community in many ways, including coaching Little League and volunteering with hospice patients. She also loves to unwind at the beach and is a devoted Green Bay Packers fan.  

Lewis Berry

Senior Director, Product Compliance

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Lewis is a seasoned financial services professional with over 18 years of experience—the past 16 of which have been spent in the payments industry. At Onbe, Lewis directly shapes how we navigate the relationship between profitability and the regulatory landscape when developing our products. To achieve this, Lewis provides guidance to our product team, protects our solutions, cultivates partnerships across the business and fosters an environment of compliant innovation and ideas.

Outside of work, Lewis spends time playing strategy and cooperative games with family, analyzing ancient literature, supporting nonprofit organizations and learning new things. In addition to family, Lewis loves classical voice, hard science fiction and vanilla bean ice cream—and hopes one day to add exercise to this list.
mgrande headshot

Max Grande

Vice President, Product Management

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Max is an experienced product strategist and has spent the past six years in the payments industry. At Onbe, he’s focused on unlocking points of differentiation for our customers by helping them deliver innovative payment experiences to recipients around the world.

When not at work, Max can often be found by the water, sharing a laugh with his wife and daughters or at the ice rink waiting for his skates to be sharpened. He and his family are avid supporters of local businesses and love to be the first to try that new place that just opened around the corner. Max is passionate about living in the moment—especially when the moment involves a good cup of coffee.

Melissa Noucas

Vice President, Marketing

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An experienced brand strategist and marketing leader, Melissa has built, launched and grown brands in industries ranging from fashion to wellness to technology. At Onbe, she leads the team that shares our brand with the world. Designing innovative experiences and campaigns that drive growth are what keep Melissa’s creative juices flowing.    

When not working, Melissa can be found exploring and eating her way around NYC with friends and her puppy, Bennie. She also embraces Onbe’s #workfromanywhere mindset and loves traveling whenever possible, taking lots of photos along the way.

Michael Warner

Senior Director, Security

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Michael has worked in payments for five years and in finance for over 15 years. At Onbe, he leads the security operations and governance teams, continuously asking what proactive steps can be taken to improve our security posture.  

When not working, Michael can be found hitting the ski slopes in the winter and riding his road bike when the weather warms up. He also volunteers at an animal rescue farm in his community, working with dogs and cats rescued from areas impacted by weather and natural disasters—he admires animals’ amazing ability to thrive if given the chance.

Morgan Collins

General Counsel

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Morgan has over 20 years of legal experience across many industries, including retail, global manufacturing, lending and the nonprofit world. At Onbe, she uses her expertise in business law, strategy and corporate management to advance our goals of growth and unity across the company.  

In her free time, Morgan loves sports and family time. She skis, plays tennis and is a dedicated sports mom to her four kids, cheering them on in crew, lacrosse, volleyball, dance and water polo. Though she’s constantly on the go, Morgan makes time for acts of kindness, large and small—she believes that being kind to one another makes anything possible.
Paras Shah headshot

Paras Shah

Senior Director, Architecture

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Paras has nearly 20 years of experience implementing software solutions for a diverse set of organizations in the finance industry. At Onbe, he leads the Enterprise Architecture team in outlining standards, evaluating tools and technologies and implementing best practices for developing software solutions that are scalable, secure, cost-effective and resilient.

In his spare time, Paras plays wallyball (he's a firm believer that it's a much better sport than volleyball) and enjoys winning against his friends in poker.
Sajana Krishnan headshot

Sajana Krishnan

Senior Director, Engineering and Enterprise Agility

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Sajana has 18 years of experience in the IT industry, nearly a third of which has been in payments. At Onbe, she leads the software development for critical internal/enterprise apps and enterprise agility. She is committed to deliver operational efficiency, process excellence & governance while motivating her team to think differently, pioneer technology and develop a growth mindset.

When Sajana is not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband, her energetic sons, extended family and friends. She loves to cook and is always looking for new recipes to try, and she is dedicated to being fit, both physically and spiritually.
Srini V headshot

Srini Vadlamani

Vice President, Program Management

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Srini has more than 20 years of experience managing product and project teams, seven of those in the payments industry. At Onbe, he seeks ways to make our cross-functional programs more efficient and effective with the goal of improving our performance and scalability.

In his spare time, Srini enjoys spending time with family and both playing and watching sports—including tennis, soccer, and basketball. He also coaches his kids’ baseball and softball teams. Passionate about solving problems inside and outside of work, Srini can often be found working on coding challenges and DIY projects.

Tanya Parchuta

Chief of Staff, Technology

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Tanya has over 20 years of experience in program management, with a focus on lean, agile and continuous improvement. At Onbe, Tanya spends her days finding the best ways to connect people for creative problem-solving and empowering teams by helping them to better communicate, collaborate and thrive. She believes that innovation is the result of identifying the root cause of problems and then working together to develop solutions.  

Outside of work, Tanya loves spending time with family and friends, including her boyfriend and their two dogs. Passionate about animal rights and preserving natural habitats, she enjoys outdoor activities—from hiking to gardening. She’s also an adventurous foodie and is working on her yoga practice.

Thephil Russelliah Roby

Vice President, Compliance

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Thephil has worked in financial services for nearly 20 years. A risk management leader with expertise in enterprise risk management, compliance and financial crimes, she focuses on protecting Onbe and our clients from bad actors and continuously seeks solutions to make compliance risk-based, simple and friction-free.  

When not at work, Thephil enjoys spending time with her husband and two kids—including traveling the world together. So far, they’ve been to Mexico, England, Scotland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Croatia, Italy, Greece, France, India, Australia and New Zealand, and next up, they plan to visit Africa as part of their goal to hit all seven continents. Thephil is also passionate about helping people in need and serves on the board of the nonprofit Gilgal Gospel Mission.  
Tony McGee Headshot

Tony McGee

Senior Director, Market Management

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Tony is a seasoned professional with over 15 years in payments. At Onbe he works closely with account-facing teams and strategic delivery partners to understand what clients need and want, driving roadmap decisions and ensuring Onbe's capabilities are consistently at the forefront of the industry. Tony values the importance of learning from both successes and mistakes and helping his team grow their unique skill sets.

Outside of work, Tony is quite literally outside. Whether he's busy landscaping, coaching youth football, exercising or relaxing—or following his passion for aviation and nature photography—Tony prefers to be in the great outdoors as often as possible.

Tracey Ferrara

Vice President, Delivery Process Improvement

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Tracey got her start in payments in 1999, and more than 22 years later, she’s as excited as ever to help connect businesses with innovative payment solutions. At Onbe, she focuses on bringing our solutions to life for our customers through the implementation process—onboarding programs swiftly and accurately while meeting stakeholder expectations every time.

When not at work, Tracey loves traveling with friends, especially to warm and beachy locales. She’s an 80s movie buff and enjoys theatre, live music and cooking. Preventing animal abuse is important to Tracey, and she volunteers at animal rescue organizations to help furry friends find their “forever” homes. She’s also politically active and is a passionate advocate for exercising the right to vote.
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Juli Spottiswood


Bala Janakiraman

Chief Executive Officer
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Daniel Osnoss

Senior Managing Director, Centerbridge Partners, L.P.
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James Kirk

Managing Director, Centerbridge Partners, L.P.
mharris headshot

Matt Harris

Partner, Bain Capital Ventures
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Todd Maclean

Co-founder + Managing Partner, Silversmith Capital Partners
David Tarbox headshot

David Tarbox

Independent Director

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