2024 Payouts Landscape Report

Discover consumer payout preferences and the growing desire for digital options.

Payout choice is the new standard, and it’s driven by digital

From paying by app to redeeming a virtual rebate, digital payments have become central to everyday life. Consumers now favor digital and electronic payment methods when both receiving and spending funds. They look for the security and convenience of embedded payments wherever they transact. And 76% say that when getting a payout or incentive, payment choice is key.

To meet consumers’ evolving preferences, businesses need to deliver payment options as diverse as their customer base. The 2024 Payouts Landscape, a report by Onbe and NRG, set out to map today’s behaviors and preferences, as well as identify how businesses can create payout experiences that drive revenue and customer loyalty. Our findings included:

  • In addition to choice, security (88%) and convenience (85%) were among consumers’ top priorities when receiving a payout
  • 52% of consumers would not choose traditional payment options such as cash and checks when receiving payouts or incentives
  • The use of mobile wallets and payment apps is growing: 67% and 73% of consumers expect to use these services as much or more in 2024  

Businesses can stand out by embedding the customer experience into the core of their disbursement function, turning a routine process into an opportunity to drive engagement. In this report, you’ll learn how consumer expectations have evolved to include digital options, seamless transactions, and peace of mind—and how modern payment solutions can help you meet this growing demand.

*2024 Payouts Landscape