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Choosing a Payments Vendor: A Checklist for Evaluating Your Next Payment Partner

Working with a payments provider can help you reduce the risk and complexity of making disbursements at scale while growing your program revenue with cost-effective and engaging digital payment experiences. Use this checklist as a starting point to evaluate prospective vendors and select your next payment partner!

Modernizing your disbursement capabilities

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Our pioneering payment solutions revolutionize business-to-individual disbursements

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We offer the options consumers want, from virtual cards to popular payment apps


Find answers to common questions about Onbe's solutions and their implementation.

Onbe supports consumer payment choice with a variety of digital, electronic and physical options, including Virtual Cards, Physical Cards, Push to Card, Standard ACH, Same Day ACH, and paper checks. Depending on your program, cardholders may have access to additional options, including seamless transfers to PayPal and Venmo or the ability to add virtual payments to Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay. We work with every client to determine the selection of payment options that maximize profitability and recipient satisfaction. Learn more about our payment choices.

Onbe’s cross-border payment solutions make global payouts and transfers more cost-effective and convenient. We support a variety of use cases, including global payroll, vendor payments, refunds, appeasements and more. From funding to reconciliation to reporting, we streamline cross-border transactions and enable you to pay faster with real-time and on-demand options, at competitive rates. Learn more about our global capabilities.

Escheatment is the legal process through which a government takes ownership of unclaimed assets or property. Certain categories of disbursements are escheatable, which is why businesses are advised to partner with a payment provider that has expertise in unclaimed property law. Onbe has more than two decades of experience handling escheatment on our clients’ behalf and maintains 100% of the responsibility for unclaimed accounts in adherence with all state and federal requirements. Learn more about our approach to payment program management.

Yes, Onbe’s payment gateway API makes it simple to integrate with our platform. To explore integrating with Onbe’s REST API without needing to be fully onboarded, request an invitation to our Developer Portal.

Preventing payment fraud is an ever-evolving challenge. Onbe uses the latest tools, processes, and industry best practices to protect your payment programs from everyday attacks while reducing friction for your recipients. For instance, OnbeGuard(SM), our state-of-the-art fraud detection solution, mitigates fraud risks and enhances user authentication in real time using the progressive analysis of over 2,000 unique behavioral data points. Discover how one of our clients used OnbeGuard(SM) to reduce fraud claims by 30%.

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