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Digital Is Diverse: When Receiving Payouts, Consumers Want Digital Options...And 76% Say Payment Choice Is Critical

The majority of consumers prefer at least one digital or electronic payment method, but their selections varied widely—so brands should be ready to deliver on payment choice.

Published on
March 12, 2024

CHICAGO and PHILADELPHIA, March 12, 2024 /Businesswire/ -- Onbe, a leading corporate payouts platform, and NRG, a global insights and strategy firm, published the 2024 Payouts Landscape Report, which surveyed 1,594 respondents across the U.S., found that 92% of consumers prefer at least one digital or electronic payment method when receiving a payout or incentive payment. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach – preferences vary depending on the individual and context, with the average consumer indicating a preference for three different payment methods and more than three-fourths agreeing that payment choice is important. From virtual cards to payment apps, brands must be prepared to offer a payout experience that’s as diverse as their customer base.

Findings also revealed that as embedded commerce increasingly becomes a part of consumers’ daily lives, there is an expectation for a similarly convenient experience when receiving a payout. When asked to predict their 2024 spending habits, 73% anticipated making purchases through payment apps with the same or more frequency; 67% planned to use mobile wallets as often or more. While consumers of all ages overwhelmingly favor paying with digital and electronic options, 40% of respondents are still getting paid by traditional methods such as checks. Even those who don't mind receiving a check look for payment experiences offering security (88%), convenience (85%) and choice (76%), capabilities that are built-in to digital solutions.  

“Onbe’s focus has always been on providing the most secure, convenient and popular payout choices, and this year’s Payouts Landscape results confirm that digital options have the strongest consumer appeal,” said Bala Janakiraman, Chief Executive Officer of Onbe. “Our findings reinforce that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t apply in the world of corporate payouts and to succeed, offering a custom-tailored selection of payment methods is key.”  

Additional findings from Onbe’s 2024 Payouts Landscape report include:

  • 52% of consumers would not choose traditional payment options such as cash and checks when receiving payouts or incentives.
  • 53% of respondents state that digital and electronic payments are more secure compared to physical payments such as cash or check.  

The 2024 Payouts Landscape Report confirms that choice is key, and that the increasing adoption and preference for digital payments across all demographics means businesses should feel confident making the shift from check-based payments to digital-led experiences. Whether delivering a refund, reward, incentive or settlement, Onbe’s turnkey payouts gateway ensures there’s a payment option for everyone, maximizing consumer satisfaction in today’s rapidly diversifying payouts landscape.  

Download the 2024 Payouts Landscape report here. 

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A leading global insights and strategy firm at the intersection of content, culture and technology. The world’s most powerful marketers turn to NRG for insights into growth and strategy for any content, anywhere, on any device.


Conducted in partnership with NRG, the 2024 Payouts Landscape is the first iteration of Onbe’s refreshed and expanded annual payments market research survey, formerly known as The Future of Payments. Its purpose is to learn how consumers prefer to receive payouts and incentives from corporations, as well as their spending behavior and preferences in their daily lives. Respondents were asked to complete an eleven-minute survey with 40 questions. We received a total of 1,594 responses, collected from across the United States and from demographics reflective of national diversity. Respondents must have been at least 18 years of age to qualify for the survey.  


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