5 Things to Know About: Partnering with a Fintech to Deliver Empowering Payment Experiences

As consumer payment preferences evolve, banks and financial institutions can benefit from partnering with a fintech to deliver the modern payment experiences their customers expect.

To deliver disbursements at scale, banks should consider third-party solutions

In 2023, 83% of banking and finance professionals expect to deliver a modern payment experience that enables agility and faster payments.* To do so, many banks and financial institutions will partner with fintech organizations to make complex, large-scale payment processes simpler—and to empower their recipients with benefits such as payment choice and personalized experiences. In this fact sheet, you’ll learn:

  • Top payment challenges and opportunities for banks & FIs  
  • How to improve consumer payment experiences
  • The benefits of using a fintech for fraud prevention solutions
  • And more

Get the fact sheet and start unlocking benefits for your business, clients and end recipients.

*2022 Onbe poll