2024 Payouts Landscape: Top 5 Insights

Wondering how to pay your customers and workforce in today’s rapidly evolving payouts landscape? Discover what consumers expect from their payout and incentive experiences.

92% of consumers prefer at least one digital or electronic payout method

Whether consumers are receiving or spending funds, they prefer modern, convenient payment experiences featuring digital choices. In the 2024 Payouts Landscape, a report by Onbe and NRG, we discovered how consumer behaviors and preferences are evolving to fit today’s digital world.  

To meet consumers’ needs, businesses should focus on creating more engaging payout experiences featuring:

  • Payment choice—76% say choosing their payment method is important
  • Security and convenience—two top priorities when receiving a payout
  • Mobile-first journeys—73% of consumers expect to use payment apps as much or more in 2024
  • And more—Download the infographic for the top five takeaways from our survey!

With today’s modern payment solutions, responding to the changing payouts landscape is simpler than you may think—and can help businesses improve operational efficiency, create more cost-efficient and profitable payout and incentive programs, adapt to the changing regulatory environment, and beyond. Learn more in our infographic.