Rewarding Experiences: Using Integrated Digital Incentives to Engage Audiences & Drive Revenue

Employee perks. Consumer incentives. Sales bonuses. Whether you’re thanking team members or cultivating customer loyalty, there’s no better way than to ensure your recipients get what they want: their choice of convenient payout options.

With a new world of digital incentives on the market, companies have more opportunities to increase their program ROI and reduce expenditure while delighting their recipients with an experience that prioritizes personal choice. Using a payouts gateway such as Onbe makes it simple to integrate a new incentive solution and hit the ground running with seamless, branded experiences.

Delight recipients with incentive choice

To inspire action, incentives should be convenient and flexible, empowering recipients to select how they want to be paid. Take employee incentives—according to the Incentive Research Foundation, the top rewards pick for remote employees was an open-loop card that can be used for anything from gas and groceries to travel and leisure. Physical or virtual cards can be added to a mobile wallet, maximizing spend flexibility and unlocking even more options for getting the most out of an incentive payment. Consumers share this desire for flexible options, with 62% of respondents in Onbe’s recent survey of energy and utility consumers preferring digital payment methods including virtual cards. Of those surveyed consumers, 40% preferred to have the option of using a mobile wallet or payment app.

Given the diversity of consumer preferences and the complexity of fulfilling both digital and traditional payment options, companies can benefit from partnering with an incentives provider that makes it simple and cost-effective to deliver on choice. Onbe enables incentive experiences that can not only be customized with a variety of payment methods to maximize cost-efficiency and engagement but are designed to reinforce your brand at every touchpoint. Promoting brand messaging and special offers helps drive recipient actions and ensures a positive, memorable experience every time.

Go to market fast with easy integration options

In today’s API economy, businesses can implement performant and scalable incentive programs relatively simply, without having to devote disproportionate resources to development, testing and deployment. Businesses can achieve everything from analytics dashboards and reporting, fraud prevention and detection to white-labeled, omnichannel customer service with an integrated solution. By choosing a third-party incentive provider over an in-house solution, businesses save time and money and their recipients are assured of a flawless experience.  

Onbe offers today’s most popular payment methods through a single point of integration, and our incentive solutions are simple to integrate through an API-first approach. We are committed to making it as easy as possible to access, develop and test our payments APIs. A variety of customization options are available to tailor the experience for your audience and brand, and our experienced team is here to ensure your program is a success from start to finish.

Our attention to detail doesn’t end when your program is deployed. We take pride in helping our clients continuously fine-tune their program and incentive selection to maximize revenue and recipient satisfaction. Whether you need to motivate your team or drive customer engagement, having the right partner at your side can help you  help you achieve even better results from your rewards program.