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Onbe Celebrates Black History Month

Black History Month invites us to honor the Black visionaries, leaders, and change-makers who shaped our national history and culture. It’s also a chance to celebrate Black accomplishments today, whether it’s at work or in the community, and reflect on ways to build a better future for all. At Onbe, we ushered in Black History Month by highlighting some of our Black colleagues’ stories and achievements—and the career journeys that brought them to Onbe. Follow us on LinkedIn to check out our series of team member spotlights. 

We also asked Onbe employees what Black History Month means to them:

“I celebrate Black History Month every year by feasting on a traditional dinner with my family and sharing stories about how far we have come as a unit, but more importantly, where we are headed!” —Diamond Acevedo, Talent Acquisition Specialist

“Black History Month is an appreciation and celebration of passionate leaders who have paved the way for endless opportunities. I celebrate with family by visiting museums and taking a drive down MLK Street to check out the art events that are happening during this month.” —Yvan Tawembe, Implementation Configuration Specialist  

“I lived through a time of transition and adversity in the 1950s and 1960s. To me, Black History Month is a time to look to the future while always remembering the past, learning from it, and discovering how we can be better to ourselves and to one another. People who lift one another up should be celebrated and continue to light the path for future generations.” —Dawn Parris, QA Manager, Delivery

“Black History means Black excellence. As a Black woman, I do not take for granted the sacrifices that African American men and women endured for me to have success. I reflect on their accomplishments, such as establishing the Historically Black College/University that I attended and starting the first Black sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, in which I served as president of my chapter.” —Brionika Johnson, People Operations Coordinator

“Black History Month to me, as an African American, is about gratitude. Gratitude to all those trailblazers who sacrificed a lot for me to have the opportunities I might sometimes take for granted today.” —Patrick Tagny Diesse, Vice President, Data & Analytics

At Onbe, we’re committed to creating a work environment that celebrates diversity and empowers all colleagues to be themselves, achieve their goals, and build the careers they envision. Interested in becoming part of our team? We’re hiring! Visit our Careers page to learn more.