Deliver Pet Insurance Claim Settlements Instantly

Don’t make pet parents wait for their claims. Offer instant, secure, and cost-effective payouts with Onbe. Let's chat at WVC 2024.

Why Choose Onbe?

The standard time to process a pet insurance claim can be up to 30 days—so don’t make “pet parents” wait even longer for a check in the mail! With Onbe’s insurance disbursements solution, delivering instant payouts is easy, secure, and cost-effective. We offer:

In-demand Payment Options

Empower customers to choose how they receive their settlements, offering both traditional and instant digital options.

Built-in Security & Compliance

Ensure peace of mind with Onbe’s full-service escheat management and fraud prevention capabilities.

Marketing Opportunities

Enhance customer relationships with custom-branded experiences for engagement and cross-promotion.

Waiting Is “Ruff!”

Payment speed is a top priority when consumers are owed a payout*

24% of consumers received at least one instant insurance payout in 2022, and demand for faster disbursements is growing**

*Onbe 2023 Future of Payments Report

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