Onbe's Digital Payment Options

Today’s customers and workforces want more payment options. Onbe’s research shows that 70% of consumers prefer receiving digital and electronic payments—and they have high expectations for payment choice, faster payments, and seamless experiences. Connect with our payments experts today to learn more about our popular and cost-effective payment options.

Introducing Innovation Payment Choices

At Onbe, we are continuously innovating to provide the most popular payment choices on the market. To meet the customer demands, we now offer even more ways to pay:

new: PayPal™ and VENMO™

60% of consumers use PayPal and 43% use Venmo. Streamline the payment experience by enabling recipients to transfer funds to these popular payment apps, quickly and conveniently.

new: send to wallet

Recipients can now add their virtual payments to the popular mobile wallets Apple Pay and Google Pay in seconds. Enjoying contactless spend on the go has never been easier.

virtual cards:

Say goodbye to paper checks and hello to an instant, flexible, and paper-free payment experience. Virtual cards are cost-effective for you and provide fast gratification and seamless spend for your recipients.

Global capabilities:

With options including FX Transfers, International ACH, and prepaid card issuance in multiple currencies, our cross-border payment capabilities make it easy to deliver fast, personalized payment experiences to recipients anywhere in the world
digital payment options

Unlock the Benefits of Digital Payments

Deliver custom-branded, seamless and secure digital offerings that:
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Leverage popular, easy-to-use digital wallets
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Cut overhead costs and streamline support through a single point of integration
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Modernize payout offerings to deliver fast, convenient payment experiences
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Accelerate time to market - launch in weeks, not months


Onbe’s 2023 Future of Payments survey reports that 70% of consumers prefer receiving digital and electronic payments from brands, and nearly half say cross-border payment capabilities are important. In today’s connected economy, delivering modern, global payment experiences is no longer just a requirement for adaptation but the standard for paying everyone from employees and gig workers to patients, tenants, and customers
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