Cross-Border Payments And Processing: Common Pain Points And How To Solve Them

Did you know global corporations spend $120 billion on transaction fees for cross-border payments every year? Until recently, businesses had few options for fixing cross-border payment challenges such as long settlement times, high costs, and trapped liquidity. Today, alternative payment rails and new innovators in the international payment space make it simple and cost-effective to pay across borders. Learn about the latest solutions to your cross-border payment challenges in our recorded webinar.
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Onbe can help you make fast, seamless cross-border payments nearly anywhere in the world
The Value of Onbe's Global Capabilities
5 popular international payment modalities, including local currency cards and IACH.
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Our extensive ecosystem of in-network banks simplifies and accelerates payment delivery while increasing status transparency.
Options for local currency settlement reduce FX overhead while streamlining card fundin
Embedded validation proactively screens account data, dramatically reducing payment exceptions for first-time recipients.

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Why Onbe?

We're a fintech that manages and modernizes business-to-individual disbursements, helping you pay the way the world is going: fast, convenient, and packed with choice. Onbe pioneered the concept of managed prepaid programs, forever transforming how organizations make business-to-individual disbursements at scale. Thousands of clients and well over $100B in payments later, we continue to harness our innovative spirit and deep payments experience to serve companies ranging from mid-market to the Fortune 500.