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Luxury Car Manufacturer Issues Millions In Instant Sales Rewards

A leading luxury car manufacturer wanted to provide sales representatives with faster access to rewards and collaborated with Onbe to design a rewards program that delivers a seamless recipient experience.

Published on
June 13, 2022

A leading luxury automotive manufacturer offered a sales rewards program that issued funds at the end of each month via reloadable cards. The client saw the value of providing faster access to rewards and collaborated with Onbe to design a rewards program that delivered a seamless and immediate recipient experience.

The Opportunity

The client wanted to switch to a disbursements vendor that would enable sales representatives to earn rewards daily instead of monthly and access their earnings whenever they chose. The company sought to improve the recipient experience with a range of options for redeeming and spending rewards.

The Solution

After selecting Onbe as its new sales incentive program vendor, the client rolled out a daily rewards program for its sales representatives across two leading automotive brands. The program offers a paywall with recipients’ choice of virtual card, physical single-value card, reloadable card, transfer to debit (push pay), and ACH. Other features include:

  • Easy, flexible options for spending, withdrawing, or transferring funds
  • A catalog of rewards options, including trips, experiences, and more
  • The option for high earners to select a default payment choice for seamless recurring payments and transfers

The Results

After implementing the new rewards program, the client saw immediate success, with first-year program issuance of over $60 million across nearly 90,000 participants. Sales representatives have been so pleased with the paywall solution that the client has decided to expand the program to one of its other popular automotive brands.

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