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Enhancing the Donor Payment Experience While Eliminating Over One Million Dollars in Cash Delivery Costs Annually

An industry-leading plasma collection company was ready to modernize the payment process at its on-site donation centers throughout the U.S. The company worked with Onbe to develop a secure and cost-effective donor compensation program that replaces cash with custom-branded payment cards offering enhanced choice, convenience, and spend flexibility.

Published on
November 9, 2023

The Opportunity

Cash has traditionally been used to compensate donors but comes with high costs and risk for plasma companies. Onbe’s client previously received cash deliveries to its centers and was responsible for sourcing and managing ATM machines. The company was eager to transition to a safer, more cost-effective payment solution while providing an improved experience for its donors.

The Solution

Onbe replaced the client’s legacy solution with a customized donor compensation program designed to eliminate the cost and risk of cash management while enhancing the donor experience with payment choice, speed, and convenience. The resulting solution:

  • Replaced cash deposits with secure, custom-branded payment cards that are accepted in 40 million merchant locations around the world
  • Provided an instant-issue payment solution that extends brand loyalty and delivers access to payment choice—including ATM withdrawals, ACH, or the option to receive a check
  • Reduced the administrative costs and labor hours required to operate the donor compensation program

The Results

Today, Onbe’s payment card solution is the industry standard for plasma donor compensation. After adopting the solution, the client has seen significant benefits, including:

  • Removing the safety and risk concerns associated with cash handling
  • Eliminating 100% of cash management costs—including the expense of managed cash deliveries to hundreds of centers, amounting to over one million dollars in annual savings
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