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ChannelAssist Launches Improved Rewards Program in 6 Weeks, Reduces Monthly Customer Service Escalations from 200 to Zero

Explore how ChannelAssist partnered with Onbe to launch their improved rewards program which helped reduce monthly customer service escalations.

Published on
July 7, 2023

ChannelAssist, a leading provider of end-to-end channel engagement and incentive programs, partnered with Onbe to transform a client's reward program by implementing a quick-to-market reloadable card solution. This initiative provided an improved customer experience and reduced customer service escalations from 200 per month to zero.

The Opportunity

ChannelAssist, committed to providing crowd-pleasing rewards experiences and quick resolutions to cardholder issues, faced challenges with a former payment provider, including insufficient cardholder support and a limited payment network. Consequently, ChannelAssist chose Onbe for its robust solution offering better card features, higher capacity, and superior 24/7 cardholder services with industry-leading response times.

The Solution

Onbe's reward solution introduced reloadable cards that could be fully branded, carry large balances, and support frequent API loads. Key features of the solution include:

  • A range of popular payment options like cash, mobile wallet, and POS spend options to enhance personal choice
  • Round-the-clock cardholder services with tiered escalation for swift problem resolution
  • Comprehensive program management tools for effortless ordering and reporting
  • Fast, fully supported implementation for quick market entry


With a tight deadline of nine weeks, ChannelAssist aimed to launch its client’s new rewards program. Onbe’s solution was ready in six weeks, including API integration and card issuance to 2,800 legacy cardholders. The partnership with Onbe provided ChannelAssist with:

  • Zero-cost implementation and operations
  • Project management support from Onbe
  • A shift of the cardholder support load to Onbe

ChannelAssist's client and cardholders benefited from:

  • Expanded payment options
  • Reduced cardholder issues during reward redemption
  • A superior customer service experience
  • A drop in customer service escalations from 200 per month to zero
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