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Orchestrating incentive payments in-house—and delivering the modern payment choices consumers want—means high costs and burdensome processes for marketing teams. Organizations can outsource these activities but may worry about sacrificing customization and control when they choose a turnkey solution.
Onbe’s consumer incentive solution empowers organizations to deliver creative, engaging, and custom-branded incentive experiences—without the cost and complexity. It’s simple to offer a choice of payment modalities as diverse as your customers, including instant digital options. Easy integration with your existing technology systems ensures fast, seamless implementation.
Custom-branded materials and messaging to engage customers
Program metrics and insights to measure success
24/7/365 multilingual customer service by Onbe
Reduce program and administrative costs
Deliver modern payment choices
Achieve proven ROI
P&G delivers consumer incentives and rebates to customers worldwide and was ready to replace its check-based programs with branded payment cards. Discover how P&G partnered with Onbe to simplify its incentive strategy across dozens of unique brands and segments.


Procter & Gamble: Raising Brand Visibility, Reducing Costs

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