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Improved Freelancer Payment Experiences Are Key to the Future of Work

The past few years of remote, flexible work have changed how organizations source talent while ushering in exciting new ways to collaborate, innovate, and build successful careers. Onbe conducted a survey to explore the role of freelancers in this evolution—after all, a growing number of professionals are trading traditional jobs for alternative options. They’re setting their own terms to create opportunities that can encompass their unique needs and priorities. As businesses evolve, too, hiring freelancers empowers these organizations to stay agile and ready to meet the future of work.

Our survey found that many are enthusiastic about the prospect of using freelancers to help employees perform at their best. We also learned that businesses can do more to attract and retain freelancers, starting with building better payment experiences. By choosing faster, more flexible payment capabilities, businesses can prepare to support the evolving preferences that are shaping life and work in the digital age.

Discover more about our survey findings in this infographic:

What Freelancers Want