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Style + Substance

The Foray Difference

Build rapidly with Foray’s broad collection of interface elements.

Build it faster

Unlock your site's full potential.

The hard work is taken care of.

Select interface blocks and combine them.
Create killer websites that your users will love.
Sit back, drink coffee and cash that cheque.

Tons of features for your site.

  • A vast collection of components
  • Superior customer support
  • Expertly crafted by Medium Rare
  • Join over 40,000 satisfied customers
UI Kit

A neatly organised collection of components.

Foray's UI Kit includes styling for all common elements, making it the perfect starting point for your next website project.

Ideal for
style-conscious businesses.

A flexible aesthetic makes Foray the perfect starting point for all websites, from portfolio to product brochure.

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Style + Substance

Build an audience in pure style.

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